ANCIENT GREECE: This is where all Started!
{2500 years ago}: Boxing, Wrestling and Pagratio.

In this site you will learn where Martial Arts had started
and how it has been revived and developed in this century (see the original .doc in the Greek language) by Grand Master George
to an effective and Modern Karate Art of Fighting that has no equal, and above
all is...Genuine! Meanwhile, you can find more about the Art by reading the novel book,
called: Divine Justice, The Creation, by: George Karavidas, and also
through the non fiction book called: United States of America
(Before September 11 and After Barack H. Obama). Publisher: Argus Publishing International ( , or

Publisher's e-mail address is:

Black Belt ranking of SKTP

If you are a Martial Artist (or not) and wish to learn the above Art, then:

For more information, please contact : Grand Master George Karavidas at (for USA)

Through YouTube:gkshihan for videos (15)

From Feb. 10, 2010
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